2017 WPP Stream Africa Event

3D Echo Tech Participating in Stream Africa 2017

3D Echo Tech Participating In The 2017 WPP Stream Africa (un)Conference

It’s that time of the year again. 3D Echo Tech has been invited to participate in the, by invitation only, 2017 WPP Stream Africa conference at end November. You may remember that last year 3D Echo Tech set a new benchmark for this event’s TechLab by live-video-streaming the production of a seven-meter tall sculpture in polyurethane foam and then erecting it at the conference as parts of it completed. We also 3D scanned attendees and sent the 3D models to them and gave the odd talk. You can watch a short summary video regarding this here.

This year, we also have something exciting in store! Now that 3D Echo Tech cuts sculptures in wood, we have 3D scanned local artist, Jordan Sweke, modified the 3D model with his oversight and will be live streaming the cutting of his sculpture in wood. The sculpture will be delivered to join the others on exhibit at the event on November 30 for all attendees to see. If you were not invited to attend but would like to share in the excitement of our contribution to the event then all is not lost. We will be live-broadcasting the cut of the sculpture as well as the sculpture exhibition at Spier once the sculpture is delivered. Click here to view the live stream. You may just catch us working on some other work in the meantime.

We have also arranged an exhibition of some amazing sculptures and jewelry by local artists including André Stead, Anton Smit, Jono Dry, Jordan Sweke, Louis Chanu and Wayne Deglon. These pieces will be on display throughout the conference. On November 30, we will host a fifty-minute discussion that will include a panel of local sculptors who have used technology in the design and/or production of their work. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions.

This event promises to be one for the record.

Click here to see the highlights video that was released by Epitome after the event.


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