Jordan Sweke Solo Exhibition at Everard Read Gallery

3D Echo Tech at Jordan Sweke Exhibition - Everard Read Gallery

Eternal Death Wooden Sculpture in Kiaat3D Echo Tech staff were invited to attend the opening of the solo exhibition of talented local artist Jordan Sweke yesterday at Everard Read Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa. We were very excited for Jordan because we worked together with him on three of the amazing pieces that were exhibited.

For the sculpture featured in the image on the right, Jordan brought the concept to and worked along with 3D Echo Tech for the production in Kiaat with our 7-axis robot. We engaged our 3D scanner, 3D design skills, and seven-axis robot. Jordan then finished it along with Jaekan Coetzee. This was the first sculpture of this size (700mm tall) in wood that we produced and we and Jordan are very happy with the result!

The definite contrast between the rough unfinished areas against the smooth finishes of the person helps to tell this story very effectively.

Jordan Sweke Screen Print


For this screen print, Jordan provided 3D Echo Tech with two different image vector files. We then CNC’d them from MDF respectively for them to be screen printed each time we cut more detail into them.

When featured against a darker wall as in the setting in this exhibition, for me, this becomes one of those attractively unobtrusive works that add a sense of sophistication to a room without drawing too much attention. However, when you step closer the contrast of the finished work really draws you in. It almost has a fractal value in that as you get closer you seem to see more and more detail.




Jordan Sweke ProjectionThe next piece we cut in polyurethane foam was a surprise. We did not understand what Jordan wanted to do with it when we produced it. We just followed his detailed instructions. What a pleasant surprise when we saw it at the exhibition! It was such a clever use of moving video projection against a three-dimensional object.

Some photos of the raw work have been included below. We look forward the next exciting projects Jordan!

Raw Polyurethane Foam Cut

Raw Screenprint Cut




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