Louis Chanu – Male & Female Bond Sculpture in Sugar Gum

Male & Female Bond Final

Robot CNC Sculpture From Sugar Gum Log

South African sculptor, Louis Chanu, commissioned 3D Echo Tech to 3D scan a small 100mm maquette and scale it up to fit in a Sugar Gum log he wanted it cut from. So we rigged the log securely in front of our 7-axis robot and began cutting the bulk away – cutting path by cutting path. When there were only a few millimetres remaining above the surface of the underlying sculpture, we changed the bit to cut the detail. This video demonstrates the process. We’re sure you will enjoy it. Due to its huge entertainment value, we even included a little ‘slow-mo’ of a cutting bit breaking¬† :-).

Of course, the sculptor still needs to refine the piece, but the majority of the hard slogging was completed by our robot and the piece is proportionately accurate.

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We hope you enjoy the video below…

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