3D Sculpting of Bulldog

3D Sculpted Bulldog

Watch how 3D Echo Tech's resident sculptor produces this Bulldog via 3D sculpting. Enjoy the clip! Need a custom 3D model sculpted? Contact 3D Echo Tech now for pricing. #3DSculpting #3DDesign #3DEchoTech.

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3.5m Long Airbus A380 Model

Airbus A380

Believe it or not, the aircraft in the feature image is a 3.5m scale replica of the Airbus A380 produced by Space Alchemy and 3D Echo Tech. Carl from Space.

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28 microns 3D Print African Parks Plaque

3D print of African Parks Plaque at 28 microns

3D Echo Tech was approached by local wildlife sculptor and artist, Alan Ainslie, to assist with the production of a plaque for the non-profit conservation organization, Read More

3D print, Mould And Cast Of Platinum Finish Medallion

3D print, mould and cast of 80mm medallion

King Of The Jungle is a media company specializing in conceptualizing, designing and promoting brands. 3D Echo Tech was commissioned by our client to produce an 80mm.

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3D Scan Of Entire CAV GT40 Sports Car

CAV GT40 3D Scan

Cape Advanced Vehicles (CAV) in Muizenberg, near Cape Town, South Africa, are in the process of improving their production processes. In order to do this effectively, they.

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Eight Meter Long Sculpture of a Male Lion

Eight-Meters Long Male African Lion

Every now and then we are commissioned with an incredibly exciting project that can easily make the news if the political arena wasn't so volatile at the.

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Production of The Voice Hands and Microphones

The Voice Hand and Microphone

Over the past few years, 3D Echo Tech was commissioned by JDM Unlimited to produce hand and microphone sets for The Voice television series as it.

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Scale-Up of Lionel Smit Face Sculpture

Lionel Smit Face Sculpture

Internationally renowned local artist and sculptor, Lionel Smit, commissioned 3D Echo Tech to enlarge one of his sculptures to 1.8m across. To accomplish this we started by scanning the original one-meter.

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Polyurethane Pots

Polyurethane Pots

A local film production company requested that we 3D scan a large Egyptian pot and based on the design create smaller similar versions of it to use as movie props and.

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9-Meter Bronze Mandela

Nelson Mandela 9m

A 9-meter bronze foam model of the sculpture of former president Nelson Mandela was completed from start to finish over a period of only four months. The following resources provide more.

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