2.2m Tall Savanna Blackbeard Pirate Bust

Savanna Pirate Bust cut in PU by 7-axis robot

2.2m Savanna Blackbeard Pirate Bust in PU by Robot

3D Echo Tech was commisioned by Organic Canvas to produce a 2.2m tall pirate bust that was part of the official launch of the new rum-flavoured Savanna Premium Cider.

This was an exciting job in that it included some very detailed cuts. We started by planning the cutting paths and then clearing unwanted foam with a large cutting bit. We could then do a final pass with a smaller bit at a lower stepover that produced the final result with the finer detail.

Our mandate was to produce the polyurethane model for Organic Canvas who would then clad it with fibreglass and finish it to a bronze-like finish.

We are very happy with the result. Let us know what you think by commenting below.

Check out our video of the entire process at high speed.

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