There is a need to preserve 3D virtual replicas of certain objects and projects for future reference – either to preserve a form of them should the original be damaged, stolen or destroyed or to make it possible to replicate them so that replicas can be displayed – thereby allowing the original to be kept in a safe and controlled environment. The most effective way to capture 3D objects currently is to scan them with a high resolution 3D scanner (visit our 3D Scanning page for more detailed information regarding our 3D Scanning services)

3D files can become quite large and as technologies change older 3D file formats can become obsolete as the software that supports such file formats become unsupported. For these reasons we have established our 3D Archiving service.

This service guarantees confidentiality of files as well as future-proofing of file formats and the availability of files in the future.

Very accurate and to scale physical replicas of 3D scanned files can be fairly easily and cost-effectively realised through 3D printing, CNC services or other similar physical rendering services.

Who would likely require the 3D Archiving service?

● Artists to document and preserve their sculptures
● Museums for documenting, duplicating and preserving of rare and priceless artifacts
● Classic car restorers to keep on record the unique panels and parts of out-of manufacture vehicles
● Paleontologists to document, preserve and duplicate rare fossil artifacts

Contact us to inquire about our archiving service and monthly subscription fees specific to your requirement.