3D Echo Tech produces large-scale movie set artifact production in polyurethane and polystyrene foam. We have produced many projects used in blockbuster movies and local and international series for set creation companies and production companies including:

Roman Horse & Rider

Film Africa
Moonlighting South Africa
Hammerhead Set Builders
Hillcherry PTY Ltd
JDM Unlimited

The advantage of having 3D Echo Tech produce set pieces is that we can meet tight deadlines and can produce accurate enlarged or reduced replicas for the movie industry. If required the final projects can be modular for easy disassembly and reassembly during transport. No job is too big for us.

Our 3D design team are capable of producing sculptures in 3D from concept if required. We also accept 3D designs from clients. Once approved we design the armature in 3D even before the job is cut on our robot and CNC machines.

Our largest projects to date are a nine meter sculpture and an eight meter long male African lion. At the beginning of 2016 we produced the 4.5m tall sculpture in the photo to the right. We have produced many smaller projects including three to five meter polyurethane sculptures (complete with armature), pots and other artifacts.